<A> BENE “Lowlifes” is recruiting!

Looking for a WotLK Alliance Semi-HC guild?

We’re 50/50. Full Heroic Content. Loot Council.

In NEED of Enhance, Survival, Mage, Boomy, and will consider any class/spec if you’re a good player.

What’s our expectations? We want team oriented players that understand the importance of progressing as a raid. We have removed bad attitudes and selfish players from our raid. With only 4 weeks left until ICC, our focus is to fill our last 4-6 open slots with committed players. Our commitment to you is to help you catch up to our 5600gs average raid team.

Respond to my thread and i’ll send you my discord. we can chat with the GL and bring you on board.

have a great weekend <3


Survival Hunter, currently on Faerlina Horde but looking to swap to Bene for upcoming ICC/Season 8 Arena.

peeren on Discord

we picked up a surv last night. but still interested if you are!

bumping. we still need fire mage, enhance, boomie.

I didnt see the notification here. Hit me up on discord. Im trying to move to Benediction soon and would like to talk.

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adding on discord!

Hi, I’ve currently got a 77 mage planning on hitting 80 today, and I’m aiming to be fairly geared before ICC launches. I don’t have any wrath raiding experience but am a semi-hc aotc retail raider.

Hiya currently 5300 fire mage looking for a new guild. What days do you guys raid? I’m looking for weekend Guild.

bashton on discord

Hey 5.2k fire mage, what time do you raid and what days?