[A] <Bean Sprouts> 10/11H Recruiting DPS!

Bean Sprouts is a family friendly (and gnome friendly!) guild here on Lightbringer. The majority of our group are adults with families, though our players range from young adults, to grandparents and everything in between.

Bean Sprouts is a mix of players originally from 4 separate guilds and servers that came together as one to play and raid together. We welcome any player to join our Friday night raid fun runs to push through normal raids while our progression team is currently pushing towards the end of Heroic Sepulcher. We also welcome the casual questing toons, mount collectors, achievement runners, transmog fiends, and anyone in between!

You’ll also find M+ runs are a regular occurrence on non-raid nights, with groups pushing low or high end keys.

For our progression group, we run a laid back raid, but we do expect everyone to come prepared- with consumables, gear, and information on the fights. We have consistently achieved AOTC this expansion, and briefly dipped our toes into mythic in Sanctum of Domination. We are currently looking for some dps to fill out our raids- ideally, a warrior, though we will consider any class you enjoy and play well.
Progression Raids are 6-8pm server Thurs/Sun.

Our normal Friday “fun run” starts at 7pm server on any given Friday night.

Feel free to post here or contact me here or any officer in game (Nimbus, Vikandra, or Snów) if you are interested in joining us!


Hello there. Returning rogue main looking for a new home and would like to get in contact. I will be actively looking in game as well for those officers.
Discord - Mikedup#3961
Bnet - Mikedup#11371

Hi Mike- Added you on bnet! Feel free to reach out to the other officers as well if you see us online.

Looking for a few more great dps!