[A] Bare Bones - Stormrage - 4/9H - Fri/Sun - LF R. DPS

Name: Bare Bones
Server: Stormrage
Faction: Alliance

Uldir: 2/8M
BoD: 3/9 H (Goal is to get CE)

Mythic Team: Friday / Sunday 9-12pm EST
Casual Team: Saturdays 9-12pm EST


  1. Any competitive Ranged DPS 
  2. All exceptional players considered
  3. All casuals welcomed

We are an active, semi-hardcore raiding guild. We participate in RBG’s, we have several groups of people that push keys, some are pushing 15’s. We have guild alt runs, mythic island groups, and other fun events. We have groups that sell M+ keys and island run’s also.


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Recruitment always open

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Hey guys!
Would love to join. I’ve been looking for a good group of people to play with for ages.

Hi Svmten, message me in game or in discord, would love to chat.

Bumping to the top. Looking for great DPS for new tier.

BUMP TO THE TOP! Bare Bones is an amazing guild.

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Also keep an eye out for Bare Bones on Guilded.gg

Come join the fun!

Still looking for a couple more dps

Bump to the top. Come blow stuff up with us!

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Looking for more like minded dps to push mythic raid content.

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Great guild, great people! Come give this fun guild a go for the new tier.

Great group! Super supportive on life in the game but most importantly in real life.

Come join a group of great people!

Bare Bones is an awesome guild! Come join in the fun!