(A) Balance / Resto Druid with Tank/Holy/Ret Paladin Alt LF Raiding Guild

Hi all!

Was Checking out Wyrmrest Accord

I am currently on Feathermoon right now and it is pretty dead to say the least. I am thinking about looking for a guild here to run with.

I main a Balance druid with a decent Resto OS. My paladin alt that I play regularly is Tank > Holy > Ret. I am looking to maybe make a move to ED if I can find a home.

I plan on trying to raid Norm Heroic and Mythic Tier this Xpac. I am usually free to raid or looking for a team that runs after 11:30pm Eastern and finishes before 3 30 AM eastern as I work night shifts at work.

If any guild is looking I would love to find a new community and home. I am on almost every night. Looking for some new wow friends please message me @ Latte#11519


Welcome to Wyrmrest! You can find links to a lot of useful information, including guilds, here. Hope you find something to your liking!