[A] <Axe Den> 17/17 (3D) (Immortal) Tues / Thurs 7-10 EST

We are an experienced Semi-HC 25man Guild
[Raid Times] - Tuesday & Thursday 7:00pm - 10:00pm (Server/Est.)

Currently Recruiting a core DPS position. (Prefered one of the following below):

◉ - Shadow Priest
◉ - Arcane/Fire Mage
◉ - Demo/Aff Warlock

Experienced Players of classes not listed above are always encouraged to apply also!

Undying: ✓
Immortal: ✓
Glory of the Raider (10 player): ✓
Glory of the Raider (25 player): ✓

Naxxaramas - 15/15
Eye of Eternity - 1/1
Sartharion +3D - 1/1

What to expect from us:
• Pushing Hard modes and meta achievements in current raid tier.
• Organized Guild operations & an experienced team.
• A community of in-game support and socializing.
• Content to be cleared in a timely fashion.
• 25 mans RC loot council with ThatsMyBiS
• Regular 10m raids scheduled

What we expect from you:
• Good attendance, able to commit to 90%+ raids.
• Great communication & able to verbally communicate in Discord for end game content.
• Knowledge of your class & BiS gear.
• Have appropriate raid professions, spec & consumables to help maximize our team.
• Have a positive attitude about the game, Guild & other players.

Reach out to one of the following for more information or to apply!

Discord :

Or join us in discord at (discord.gg/Uma6NXk8)