[A]<Awakened> Morning Raid Guild | Atiesh Server

Awakened is newly formed and currently recruiting on Alliance side Normal server Atiesh

Awakened was created for those of us who love Classic World of Warcraft but are unable to commit to evening and weekend raids and dungeons. Whether you work the late shift, are retired, a stay at home parent or a variety other reasons - You’re available during the day and want a guild to raid with. This is the place for you.

Tentative plans are to raid during 3 weekdays a week (Tues, Thurs, Fri for example) at approximately 9 or 10am server time. These plans will be clarified as we get more members and people leveled within the guild.

If this fits with your schedule and sounds interesting feel free to contact me in game or one of our other members. We are currently recruiting all and all guild members have the ability to invite.

Thank you.


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Update: We’ve definitely seen a rise in interest over the last few days.

We now have a small group of 60’s who are progressing through end game dungeons and an additional group of lower level people leveling in preparation for raids at 60.

We have a long ways to go before raids but it appears to be coming together. We still need a lot of people and are currently open to all classes.

Please whisper myself or any other member online and they will direct you towards an officer. You can usually find me online around 9am PST.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Just an update - Over the last few days we’ve added a few more 60’s and a handfun of mid level 40’s. We also got a few that re-rolled to our server because they couldn’t find any day time guilds/raids on their servers.

If you need anymore information in-game - you should be able to contact Sval/Svaal usually most days around 9:00AM until 2:00PM. If not do a /who Awakened and there should be someone online you can ask about talking to an officer, from 9:00 AM PST until late into the night.

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Hi there, looking for a morning raiding guild and your times seem perfect to me. Is this guild still in existence? If so, what days / times did you settle on for raiding?

Looked for you guys in game and saw noone. Still around?

I have 6 people including myself looking for morning raid guild. 7am-10am (CST)

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Did you have find a morning raid guild?

no i havent, got any leads?