[A] Atiesh | Lionheart Classic Now Recruiting for WotLK

Guild Name: Lionheart Classic
Guild Type: Social with semi-hardcore progression raiding
Progress: All raid content cleared to date.
Guild Profile: Progression raiding, alt levelling/raiding, adults only, social
Raid Times: 6pm-9:30pm on Tues & Thurs Server Time (PST) with past content raiding scheduled as per availability

About Us

Lionheart Classic was created during Vanilla Classic with veteran and new players to WoW. To sum up the guild culture in one phrase:

We play to enjoy and conquer all that WoW Classic has to offer with our friends.

We inherit the benefits of a casual guild AND a raiding mentality with many highly skilled players. While we are social, we also have a strong desire to beat all raid content within the phase before any nerfs. We love a challenge, but more importantly, we enjoy each others’ company even more in a drama-free, all inclusive environment! Many of us are working adults, some with families and a few are still in college/university.

What keeps Lionheart Classic so successful is our guild’s extraordinary community experience and a highly active playerbase, many who are playing online daily. Like the days of Vanilla WoW, deep and lasting friendships have been made and we eagerly anticipate meeting up in person in the not too distant future. If you are looking for a long-term guild with a fun and friendly vibe… you just found it!


With the impending re-release of Wrath of the Lich King, we are open to returning, social players looking for a new home during WotLK Classic and beyond.

At this time, our raid roster is nearly full for the balance of TBC. However, raid spots are competitive and we are always open to exceptional players of most classes. We will use a rotation of players wherever possible.

You can view our current recruitment possibilities here on Discord: discord . gg/vxMmVbZdev

Recruitment Officer Contact Info:
Bnet - Karpundir#1512
In Game (Atiesh) - Jadoo / Chalaak / Karpallie
Discord - Karpundir#7532

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I joined Lionheart Classic just after phase 2 started. This guild is full of amazing people who are incredibly fun to raid with. It’s the perfect spot between casual and hardcore.

I’ve been here since TBC started, and the best thing is definitely the Yogurt Sandwiches.

I got scooped up by Lionheart Classic while on the Bloodsail Buccaneers server- they were looking for a healer for their Gruul/Mag- I joined their fight and will stand with them throughout the Lich King’s wrath! Lionheart is full of wonderfully helpful players, excellent leaders, and great friends.