[A] <Asterisk> 4/10M 10/10H DPS Spots Available

Website (Remove the space): asteriskguild .com

Progression: 10/10H 4/10M

Currently Recruiting:

:shield: Tanks: CLOSED
:crossed_swords: DPS: Ranged DPS
:green_heart: Healers: Paladin, Shaman
exceptional players of all class will always be considered

:clock2: Raid Times Currently (PST)

Farm Tuesday: 7pm-10pm
Progression Wednesday: 7pm-10pm
Alt Sunday: 7pm-10pm (OPTIONAL)

Our Story
Asterisk is a group of tightly knit, self-motivated players whose goal is to clear content efficiently with those we enjoy playing with. Originally founded in 2018, Asterisk, has always been about ensuring everyone’s time is used wisely in raid and that everyone is continuously striving to be their best. Our environment is best described as lighthearted and fun, but sharp and focused when necessary. We returned to WoW in January of 2021 to reform our Mythic raid team. Our long term goal is to be able to obtain Cutting Edge every tier on a two-day schedule.

Contact us if the following applies to you:

:low_brightness: You want to enjoy the players you raid with
:low_brightness: You do not like or contribute to toxic environments
:low_brightness: You enjoy leadership that takes care of problems proactively
:low_brightness: You enjoy being part of a community
:low_brightness: You enjoy optimizing your performance as much as possible
:low_brightness: You are open to kind and constructive criticism and/or suggestions
:low_brightness: You own a microphone and are openly willing to communicate

How Do I Join?:
Everyone is welcome to join Asterisk at anytime as a social member. However, if you are looking to raid we have a two phase process to help you along that path. First, please visit our website and fully read the “About Us” page. If you feel our environment is something you’d enjoy please click the “Apply” button at the bottom and fill out our short questionnaire. Once that is done we will contact you for a quick interview via discord. If all goes well we will enter the second part of our process, which is sending you a guild invite and setting your rank to “Raider”. Our trial periods usual last around 1 to 2 raid lockouts, during which we observe how you are meshing with the guild as a whole and your performance during raid nights.

Contact Hueston#11459 or Lilith#12189 via bnet if you have any questions (Hueston#5272 Discord)

Council prog is tonight, still recruiting talented players of all roles.

First night of prog council is cleanly in phase 3! Let’s do it.

Looking for talented raiders for 9.1. Let’s do it!

Bumping for new additions!

Recruitment openings updated!

Brewmaster Tanks! Where ya’ll at?

We are pushing hard for CE next tier. Can’t wait, looks fun.

Looking to round off our roster for that 9.1 Cutting Edge Push!

Healers needed for 9.1

Recruiting healers for 9.1 and sludgefist prog

Immediate openings are available for core positions for Sludge prog and on to 9.1!

Good Monday Morning (can Monday mornings be good), healer recruitment is still actively open as well as some dps spots

Good afternoon, still recruiting dps and healers for prog! Core spots are open for trialing

Still recruiting a couple dps and strong smexy healers for prog!

Want to raid mythic on a two day schedule? Core spots open? Not riding the bench? Come trial with us, healers for sure!

Recruiting for 9.1 CE push looking for dps and healers.

Seeking talented DPS and Healers for 9.1 Mythic Progression. Let’s kill it!

Immediate spots for talented, reliable and non-toxic healers for 9.1 and current farm! Newer, but feel you can do it? Come trial with us

Still lf healers for immediate spots