[A] <Argentum> Casual Social Guild — Community Focused — Good Times

Argentum is a guild that is casual.
We’re chill and respectful, that’s factual.
But don’t make a fuss—
we still do M +
so join us and do what is rational!

< ARGENTUM > is a casual social guild for new and older players alike. Originally formed on SWC in 2008, we’re back on Proudmoore enjoying all the new content after an extended hiatus.

Our primary focus is to provide a space for good people to have a good time together — whatever form that might take. We support leveling, PVE, PVP, RP (roleplaying) and M+ content. Just want to hang out, do stuff on occasion, level alts and just have people to chat with? Sounds good to us too.

We’re here to chill, have fun, and make some friends along the way. Our focus is on building a close-knit community of players that respect and encourage one another, providing an environment in which you can try out and enjoy various aspects of the game. We also prioritize quality over quantity. We’d rather have 30 good friends than 200 people we’ve really never heard of.

Please note that we do not currently have raid teams. That’s not to say it’s not a possibility, just not our driving focus. We absolutely welcome anyone who would like to form a casual one.

In short, if a two night a week raid team is important to you, we might not be the right fit.

However, if learning a new spec or class with people who will support you along the way sounds like something you might be interested in, we’re probably worth a look.

Also, we are alt friendly. There is no limit to those you can bring along.

Message us anytime with any questions at:

Khelbyn (GM)
BNET: RPGzealot#1117
Discord: Kegs#2614