[A] Are you a Holy Paladin who likes to travel? <ORIGINS> on Pagle needs you!

If you’ve been considering to transfer realms ORIGINS on Pagle is in need of a few Holy Paladins for Naxx raiding!

We are an eclectic group of old farts and try-hards who want to progress in Naxx and have fun doing it. We ask for raiders to bring consumables and be prepared for fights. Flasks are optional. We ask you have BWL/AQ gear or crafted equivalents. Please no fresh boosts.

Raids are Thursday/Saturday 8-11 pm EST. Monday is the farm night for AQ40 and BWL. Our current status is 6/15 Naxx but we are striving for 15!

So if you are a healer wanting to see the world of Pagle drop us a message on BN or check us out in game! Please message Wyfeaggro, Uriahworld, Teck or Dreadsense on Pagle and hope to hear from you soon!

www Originsguild com