[A] Arathor <Chemically Balanced>, New Guild looking to recruit

Fresh guild looking to bolster our roster. We would like to focus on pushing M+ content and raiding casually. We are a chill group at the core and just enjoy the game in between life, work and family. If your looking for a lighter, more casual/raid guild then we may just be the home for you, your friends and your family.

Get in on the ground floor as we welcome all class and roles, with priority going to healer and DPS positions for raids.

Discord available to mbrs. Raid times will be Fri/Sat evenings. Feel free to DM Maveric#1869 or anyone in the guild in game for more info.

Still looking for a few more to start consistent raiding. Need a couple healers and dps who like to go out and have some fun.

No pressure, chill group we learn together and improve together. If your thinking of getting into the raid scene but don`t want to deal with a toxic atmosphere then we are the ones for you. We work with constructive criticism, not belittlement.

Come join the team

Raid times?

Fri/Sat 9-12 Eastern