[A] Aq40 Geared rogue seeking new home


Due to a new work schedule for the foreseeable future I am in search for a new raiding guild for Naxxramas and into TBC.

I have played WoW since vanilla, and raided a bit into Naxx then. I have also raided TBC, WotLK, Cata and Legion. I consider myself to be a dependable and consistant raider and I’m quite competitive. I am mature and have a full time job. I come to all raids with consumes, buffs and everything else required of me to be successful. I am currently working on prepping for Naxx.

I am looking to transfer from a East Coast PvP server to any West Coast servers which fit my new schedule with the time difference. I am looking for any guild that starts around 8-9pm on weekdays (11-12pm My time), has decent clear times and a good community. Alternatively, I am also available for morning raiding. It is unfortunate I have to leave my RL friends and my current guild because of this so I’m looking for the right fit.

I am happy to chat with anyone if they have any openings for a rogue. I can transfer and be ready for raids as early as next week (This being the last with my current guild). Please leave me a way to contact you down below if you think I would be a good fit! Logs and armory available upon request.

Thank you for taking some time to check this post out, best of luck out there.