[A] AOTC Guild looking for DPS (esp Ranged)

Hey folks,

Adding a few solid Melee and Ranged DPS for the next Raid Tier in 8.3.
ESPECIALLY RANGED!! Any class and spec you enjoy!

Bound for Glory is a friendly bunch of guys who love having a good time
and playing WoW.

We push for AotC each tier (we have done it 6 raids in a row) and dabble a bit in mythic raiding (first boss or two, maybe), but nothing hardcore there.

We welcome any questions you have, our Raid Leader Ordin would be the best person to contact. Thanks!

We also also have many people who enjoy mythic plus keys. Several of our members are EXTREMELY into them and strong players in those, some of the best on the server.

BfG is an age 20+ group of guys and a drama queen free zone. Please don’t apply if you’re going to bring in being a pompous smart a$$, backstabbing, rumor mongering, rabble rousing, putting people down, etc.

You WILL be removed. Swiftly.
We have awesome, friendly, funny, helpful guys and strong players and won’t let anyone ruin it.

Raid attendance needs to be 90%+ to stay on the team. Everyone can come to Thurs Raids, but Sunday is progression players only, so certain DPS and
surviving skills are needed by players in order for us to push over those tough bosses.

Please talk to Ordin with any questions you may have on that.

GUILD - Bound for Glory - Casual yet determined!

Argent Dawn & The Scryers

Normal Mode for boss experience and loot up, then Heroic Progression. Mythic Raiding isn’t something we are serious about, maybe a few bosses here and there.

Thursday: 7:35PM EST - 10:30PM EST pull@ 7:45
Sunday: 7:35PM EST - 10:30PM EST pull@ 7:45

Since we enjoy our family time and have places to be outside of Azeroth, we take Raid days off that fall on holidays. We might Raid on another day to make up for it, if we have enough people on board with it.

“Ahead of the Curve” (100% Heroic before the next Raid releases) is the goal of every raid tier for us. We did so in Nighthold, ToS, & Antorus in Legion, Uldir, BoDA, & Eternal Palace in BfA. As long as people have interest we are optimistic to get AOTC every major Raid Tier.

Guild Leadership Contacts:

Ordin - Raid Leader and all around swell guy.
Morandin - Bourbon Vendor and Jim Beam spokesman.
Maelstrom - New applicant outreach.
Anderlin - Smooth and Righteous dude.
Arkaten - Founder and Client.

Asst Officers:

APPLICATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED at our website for any consideration to join our Guild as to screen out bad eggs and troublemakers.

(see link below)

(Also please read the Guild Charter on the site. If you don’t agree with it, or don’t feel you can abide by it, we urge you not apply, you just won’t be a fit for BfG.)

Thank you very much,

All of us at Bound for Glory.

bound4glory.shivtr . com

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Bump for new friends :panda_face:

Great group! Hope to meet new friends soon!

Giving a Monday bump!

Great group! Come join the fun!

This is the best guild I’ve ever been in, both in terms of player skill and quality people. If you’re looking for a home for the next raid tier, check us out.

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still looking for a few, =)

Anderlin is clearly referring to me :smile:
All seriousness aside, this is a great place to be!

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I joined BfG a little over a year ago now and I can honestly say there is no place id rather be. It has made my WoW experience a lot more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a close knit group of people who strive to strike a balance of fun and AOTC progression raiding please submit an app! We’d love to have you! We also do M+ :smiley:

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To the top, looking for about 3-4 Strong DPS, with fun attitudes to boot =)