[A] Any weekend guild? Raiders?

Have a few buddies that’s trying to do endgame content. If anyone is interested reply please.

[Guild: Ironborne - H] currently has openings on our semi-casual weekend team. We are in need of 1 healer and a few more DPS.

We raid Sundays @ 7:45 CST and have mythic+ groups throughout the week.

LadyElowen#1421 for info. :slight_smile:

Nooo stormreaver is so alliance dead

Semi Casual Alliance Guild here. 9/10 Normal Nathria raid 6-10 server Saturday and Sunday. I suspect we’ll down Denathrius tomorrow and start working on heroic soon.

This is my ally toon here, oops.

What is your guilds name?

Crusaders of Valor

Knight owls are currently looking for more dps and healers were currently 10/10 heroic just need more players so we can start doing mythic raiding raids are sat/sun 10PM server-1AM

You guys are horde… Lol Damn alliance on this server is sooo dead!

I’m Alliance and run the guild Crusaders of Valor, which I why I posted here and pitched to you. Let me know.

Just got an invite into Valiant. Thanks I’ll keep in touch with you if this doesn’t work out