[A] <Anathema> Is recruiting, 8/8 BWL Mon/Wed/Thurs 8:15pm Server

Anathema of Westfall is looking for highly motivated players to bolster our ranks and finish filling out our core raid team.

This is your chance to join a guild that is clearing BWL in one night with no PUGs and get an immediate raid spot off the bat. ~90 minute BWL clears, fastest MC clear 1 hour 16 minutes with no major skips.

Our loot system is based on DKP. We give DKP for all raid time and bosses killed, with bonus DKP awarded during progression content to encourage attendance on progression nights.

Additionally our guild does weekly dungeon farming runs and we like to help each other with consumables and world buffs such as DM Tribute.

If you are looking for a friendly, semi-hardcore, drama free guild that still takes raids seriously, we might be a fit for you.


  • Monday: 8:15 PM - 11:00 PM (MC/Ony)
  • Wednesday: 8:15 - 11:00 PM (BWL/Ony)

Zul’gurub Schedule will be: Thursday & Sunday at 8:00 PM (ZG runs are not DKP, but MS>OS+1 rolls.)

Currently seeking:

  • 1 Tank (Deep Prot, Fury/Prot, with MT or OT BWL Experience)
  • 1 Fury Warrior DPS (Please provide logs – we only run 4 Fury Warriors right now so you’ll have a higher chance of gear with us than with most LC guilds.)
  • 1 Holy Priest
  • 1 Rogue (Please be at least MC geared and provide logs!)

Any other highly qualified players are welcome to apply.

At this time we are only seeking highly motivated and consistent players, who can make the majority of raid nights.

We plan to push AQ40 fairly hard to try for a clear within the first few resets. We expect our members to work to prepare for AQ. Please contact me if you would like to see a link to our logs or guild guidebook, which explains our loot system, schedule and rules.

Recruitment officers: Vandyr/Runis, Drakana/Draky