[A] <Amorphous> is recruiting for SL!

Amorphous is a group of talented players (former realm #1 raiders) who plan to push ourselves in M+ and enjoy some heroic raiding in a friendly atmosphere. If you’re a chill person with a competitive mindset, and the idea of pushing dungeons and getting AoTC on a flexible schedule sounds good to you, then come join us! We’re looking forward to making some new friends!

We’re based in Drak’thul, but can obviously also accept players from the connected realms of Borean Tundra, Hydraxis, Mok’Nathal, Shadowsong, Silvermoon, Skywall, and Terenas.

How to Join
To join you can either message someone in-game and request an invite, or join our Discord server using invite link discord.gg/28MXdC3 and request an in-game invite in our “welcome” channel. Either way you’ll ultimately want to join our Discord as the member section is where we engage in most of our conversations.

Anyone may join, it doesn’t matter if you PvE, PvP, play the AH, or just like socializing; we’re looking forward to making new friends from all aspects of the WoW community. That said, in terms of raiding we’re semi-hardcore in that everyone who wants to raid will need to carry their own weight or risk (kindly) getting benched. For dungeons, there should hopefully be a lot of pickup groups, as well as players forming teams for regular play.

Play Times
Because we’ll be putting a heavy focus on mythic+ dungeons, hopefully various people will be running dungeons each night of the week come launch. However, for raids the plan atm is to mostly organize raids on two nights a week.

Expected Raid Times:

  • Mon: 6:30pm - 9pm PST / 9:30pm - 12am EST
  • Tues: 6:30pm - 9pm PST / 9:30pm - 12am EST

(with the same hours on Thursdays added for the first couple weeks after a new raid release)

Who are we?
We’re a community of gamers with a strong competitive spirit and a desire to be the best at whatever content we engage in. We enjoy a variety of games together and you’ll frequently find people playing WoW, Hearthstone, Diablo, Fall Guys, CoD, or whatever game is out that catches our interest. Although we’re competitive, we highly value keeping a chill atmosphere, so people that like to rage at teammates will not fit in! On the flipside, people who know how to learn from failure and channel it to improve their own play and help out their teammates will fit in great.

Guild History & Gameplay Videos
Most of our old raid team will be returning for Shadowlands, and it will mark our first time back on Drak’thul in over 8 years! Back when we used to play, Heroic was the hardest difficulty and we were known for earning a number of Realm First achievements as well as the videos we’d make of our kills. Here’s a few examples:

Plans for Shadowlands
Our current plan for Shadowlands is to push M+ dungeon rankings and clear any raids on Heroic for the fun of it and to get any useful trinkets. We think we’ll have a blast doing that, and be able to stay competitive that way with a flexible schedule.

Now obviously, given our history as a top raiding guild, that begs the question of why not Mythic raiding? We’ll leave the door on that open as a possibility for the future, but the fact is it takes time to build and refine a good 24+ man roster. Attempting mythic with a roster that isn’t ready often results in frustration as you hit your head against proverbial boss walls instead of making steady progression and having fun. So will we eventually do mythic raiding? Maybe, but only if we reach a point where we have a large enough and good enough team to do it and have fun.

So if you join us, expect us to raid and get AoTC, but then switch over to Mythic+ dungeons as our main source of end-game content.