[A] Aman/Dath/Khaz <REDACTED> are recruiting for 9.1


Our mission is to provide an inclusive, civil and entertaining space to play WoW within a like minded community.
REDACTED’s main goal is to achieve KSM and AOTC for all members willing to put in the time and effort that want to thrive in these environments.
We’re a small family-oriented guild that just wants to have fun playing games together.
We want to work hard and push ourselves while having fun doing so and helping those around us succeed and be the best that they can be.


For raid we are currently looking for:

  • A healer
  • A few DPS - Preferably ranged
  • A DPS with a healer offspec they are comfortable switching to if needed

For M+ we are recruiting all!
Our only real requirement is you just need to be willing to learn, try your best and have a good attitude.


We are currently on break from raiding until 9.1 but all still active doing other content and keys!
During 9.1 progression raid is Fridays and Sundays from 7PM to 9:30PM (Server time).

M+ we have happening all the time whenever people are on, we have a discord where keys get organized as well as the in-game guild chat.


You can either respond to this forum post or contact me in-game or on discord at Nyandos#2904