[A] <Alteration> 9/10M [Stormrage] LF 1 dps for p3 Sire

< Alteration > is a new progression oriented guild, with the goal of achieving cutting edge every tier. We came together as a guild three months into Castle Nathria and plan on pushing towards U.S 100 by the end of the expansion. Leadership in the guild consists of Hall of Fame and Cutting Edge players seeking like minded individuals to make a quality Alliance guild to make up for the amount of Alliance guilds transferring to Horde.

Current Progression: 8/10M, Phase two on Stone Legion Generals.

Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9-12pm Est. Optional sales raid night on Monday 9:30-12pm Est (we are partnered with a sales community)

Recruitment needs:
Warrior Dps - medium
Disc/Holy Priest - High
Holy Paladin - low
Resto Shaman - low

If your class is not mentioned in the needed classes above, don’t be afraid to send in an application, just because your class isn’t listed doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t give a trial to exceptional applicants!

M+ community invites are available!
RBG invites are also available!

Alteration Application

Recruitment - Garrazo#1224 (Btag)
Contact me for any questions!
Thank you for your time reading this and interest.

Stone Legion nerf, bump

SLG second intermission bump, pog

p3 progression.
Seeking a Holy Paladin and Warlock for Immediate spots.

High Priority for a Warlock and Holy Paladin, immediate spots available. add me on btag!~

Some ship is stuck in a canal.

Here’s to hoping for some Sire pulls next week!

Reset bump day

SLG Dead, thank goodness.

Interested in a warlock still, vantus runes next week.

Bump for Healers, Unholy Dks, and warlocks for Sire

Disc Priest or Holy Paladin bump, Sire P2 progression

Sudden need for a Fire Mage

Looking for some juicy priests.

Hey dude added you on Btag

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A Disc Priest would do wonders for the soul.

It was the dreadlords all along!

I just put in an application. get back to me when you can <3

P3 progression is fun fun fun.

Immediate spot available for a warrior or a lock for p3 sire, exp preferred.