[A] <All Washed Up> 11/12M LF RANGED DPS FOR SL

All Washed Up - US Stormrage is recruiting for Mythic progression to finish out CE in this final tier of BFA and looking toward the future for Shadowlands.

About Us

We are a returning group of several players who raided together back in Legion who achieved CE, and have since revamped our current guild and recruited like minded players to achieve the same goals moving forward. We are a competitive and driven group who like to have fun, but love to kill bosses even more.

Raid Times / Days:

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
9pm - 12am EST

Current Recruitment Needs:


Will consider exceptional players for positions even if your class/spec is not listed above!

What You Can Expect from Us:

  • A strong and experienced leadership core
  • Non-toxic and open raid environment
  • Proper communication
  • A fantastic group of dedicated raiders


  • Similar progress to our current progress
  • Logs to link that we may analyze
  • Be able to commit to our raid times
  • Knowledge of your class and all it’s specs
  • Mechanically sound
  • Absolute zero tolerance for drama
  • All required addons installed and updated

Our Contact Info:

Kovas#11562 (Battle Net) (Recruitment)
Kovas#2257 (Discord) (Recruitment)
Illmerica#1459 (Guild Master)

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Still looking for exceptional players!

Still looking for people with good attitudes that want to down some bosses.

Still recruiting!!

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Would you consider taking an druid or rsham in place of priest or pally?


Mooty add me and we can talk Kovas#11562

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Minimum 10 character bump

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Just a question what server are you guys on healer here lol

We are on Stormrage - Sorry we will adjust the post

Still searching for amazing DPS and healers!

Still recruiting

Where’s the ranged at?

still recruiting

still recruiting <3