[A]- [Aggramar] - Blood Overkills 8/8H, 2 Night Heroic Guild/M+

Blood Overkills - Recruitment

Blood Overkills is a newly formed Alliance Raiding/Mythic + guild on Aggrammar/Fizzcrank that is seeking recruitment for dps.

Currently in high need for: Boomkin/Mage/Warlock/shadow priest/Demon Hunter/Rogue dps.

I am a former mythic/heroic raider that has transitioned to the casual nature of mythic plus and heroic raiding. Focus would be weekly heroic clears (AOTC) and Forming Mythic + groups to push keys.

Group composed of new recruits but core member consist of a casual group of former and some current heroic/mythic raiders with similar aspirations for the guild raid and dungeon groups.

Raid Times currently:

-Thursday/Friday: 10pm-1am EST

We are 8/8H. May consider delving into early mythic bosses but we are a mainly H/M+ guild.

Will remain on 2 night schedule and if we clear things on the first night (which has been done in my previous guilds) we can split off into M+/take the night off or jump into rated battle grounds for casual fun.

Prefer to keep a casual atmosphere but also with reasonable expectations:

  1. Discord is required for raiding.
  2. Attendance is mandatory but it’s understandable if members can’t make raid due to extenuating circumstances - if you can’t make it - just give myself or a ranking member a heads up.
  3. Performance matters: Although we aim to keep a casual atmosphere - bosses need to die. If certain members are lacking - adjustments will be made to move forward successfully.
  4. Need/Greed: main spec > Offspec. Will address loot system if it becomes an issue
  5. BOEs will go to the guild: I would like to provide cauldrons/flasks/feasts for the raid including repairs for raid/m+ nights


-I am aiming to keep this environment casual and enjoyable.
-Toxicity/Drama will not be tolerated in any shape or form.
-A single warning will be given for this behavior and any recurrence will result in immediate removal from raid or from the guild.

Recruitment Needs:

Tank(s): Full but open to exceptional apps.

RANGED DPS(s) Needs:

Mage: HIGH


Warlock: High

Shaman: HIGH for either elemental or enhancement

Boomkin: HIGH

Shadow priest: HIGH

MELEE DPS(s) Needs:

Warrior: low

Rogue: HIGH

Paladin: low

Monk: HIGH

Deathknight: HIGH


Holy paladin: low

Priest: low

Evoker Preservation: low

Druid: HIGH

Monk: low to medium

Shaman: low to medium

Feel free to add my battle tag for further inquiries:

Battle Tag: razrx21#1725.
Discord: arrowzmight#9976