[A] Agents of Change is recruiting! 2M 7H

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Still looking for new friends!

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If only we could find people who could right click on summoning portals!


Building a new cadre of characters on Alliance side looking for a home. Played since beta. Most of my friends have either moved on to life experience, or still in the military and don’t have a lot of time. Just looking for a great group of people to hang with. Thanks.

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Could use a few more warm bodies going into new raid!


Hey! Are you guys still recruiting? I’m 390 ilvl spriest (aotc, 1.1k io, 3N 1H BoD so far) rank 1 on Alex (for whatever it’s worth) last season and this season so far. My guild fell apart (too many people left the game). Anyway, let me know @Huck1632

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Sorry Aqua, for whatever reason it didn’t notify me that you posted and I forgot to check in. If you’re still looking, reach out to us on Discord. Good luck!

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We finished off the tier 5/9 Mythic, should have been 6/9 Mythic but real life/work/medical took a hit on our roster during the last two months of raid.

We currently do not have any Holy Paladins, or consistent Rogues or Warriors. If you think Mythic Raiding is something you would like to try, come join us! We will take any class or spec if you are able to perform it well, and have a good attitude.

We could also use a warlock for gates/cookies, our current lock keeps talking about his hunter. We have enough dirt/compromising photo’s to keep him in his place for now, but it would be nice to have a backup.


Still looking for a holy paladin, warlock, and melee. Any talented players feel free to message us regardless of class.

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Posted on wrong character… please do not apply to my bank alt guild lol

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8/8H and 3/8M. Still need 3 more solid dps any class.

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Calling all holy paladins, disc priests, warlocks, warriors, and rogues! Agents Needs You!