[A] Aerie Peak <Midnight Fire> - Looking for Raid Members

Midnight Fire on Aerie Peak Alliance side is look for more people to join in our raid team. We are looking for those that would like to help with progression of current raid content. Those that are interested in joining should:

  • Be willing to raid during our raid time
  • Be there on time with all raid supplies
  • Follow all guild raiding rules
  • Have some understanding of the fight or are willing to learn and maintain what you learned
  • Don’t mind helping others what you learn or taking advise from others
  • Have an off-spec that you can go to if we need you too (if your class is all DPS, this does not count)
  • Run other content to get gear for raid

We are looking for some specific classes to join our team. Here is what we need:

  • Backup Off Tank - Warrior/Pally/DK
  • Main Spec Healers - Any Class
  • Melee DPS - Any Melee class
  • Range DPS - Any Range class BESIDES Mage

Here are our guild raiding rules that you must follow:

  1. Only one toon in the main raid
  3. New raid time at 6pm – 8:30pm PST / 7pm - 9:30pm MST / 8pm - 10:30pm CST / 9pm - 11:30pm EST (2h 30m) Saturday night
  4. Add-on DMB is a must (you can use big wigs if you want)
  5. Must be able to join discord. Talking is not a requirement, you just need to hear

If are you able to do everything above and also have fun in the process, we would like to have you. If you would like to join us, contact Kerollin or Applejåcks in-game for invite. We are normally on in the evening times so you can message us directly or send an in-game mail.

Hey, I am looking for a raiding guild to join. I had to take some time off, so haven’t raided last two progression periods. I would be transferring a character, so would like to know if any of the characters I play meet guild needs. My order of preference for characters are DH (dsp/tank), Paly (dps/tank) druid (feral, resto, guardian), mage, rogue.