[A] Aequitas et Veritas (9/9H BoD, 1/2 H CoS) is recruiting raiders for Tu/Th 6-9PM Pacific

We’re looking for a few good people to fill out our ranks for heroic raiding! We would also be willing to discuss any potential mergers.

Aequitas et Veritas (AeV) was founded by a group of friends who’ve been together since Vanilla. We’re all busy adults now, so we’re mostly active on weekday evenings, when we typically raid or run Mythic+ dungeons.

Our raid times are Tu/Th 6:30-9PM Pacific. We’ve hit AotC for every raid since we’ve reformed during Legion, and currently have 9/9 H BoD and 1/2 H CoS cleared. We’re currently looking for:

DPS: all classes/specs, with a preference for DH, Balance Druid, and Shadow Priest
Healer: all classes/specs, with a preference for Holy Priests and Resto Shaman
Tank: not needed, but if you’re good and looking for a home, we can talk

Bump, still looking mainly for another healer