[A] <Add Violence> WANTED: Weekend Raiders (12/12H)

We’re a Normal/Heroic Guild that enjoy killing bosses with friends.
Our goal with Ny’alotha will be to achieve Ahead of the Curve as a Guild.

Raiding (Central Standard Time)
Night #1: Friday @ 7:30PM CST
Night #2: Saturday @ 7:30PM CST
End Time is typically 10PM, or whenever people feel they would like to stop.


  • Two Healers (Priest High Demand)
  • Warrior, Ranged
  • Backup Tank
  • Anyone Exceptional

Battle.net : Shipman#11769
Discord : Shipman#4062
Feel free to reach out at any time of the day. I’m almost always around.

Low Commitment Guild.
We just ask that you come hang out with us in our Discord!
If you like the thought of 10-15 Person Raiding we may be the right fit for you.

These are good people, been with them for a couple of tiers now, come join us!

This Past Saturday we downed Heroic Wrathion, Maut & Skirta as a Guild. Defeated Xanesh as well with some pug help.

We’re looking for some healers and a warlock :slight_smile:

We are now 6/12H rolling along nicely, still need a heals and a lock, come join us as we move toward AOTC!

WHAT kind of healers are you looking for

Disc/Holy Priest, Holy Paladin or anyone exceptional at their preferred class/spec.

Still looking for healers and a few more dps, let us know if your out there.

Got Vexiona to 4% last night!

Quick update, we are now 9/12H with a 9% wipe on Il’gnyoth last week, we are still looking for more raiders so if anyone is looking for a solid raid group for AOTC please let us know.

Il’gynoth & Carapace came crashing down last night. We’re now 11/12H and starting progress on Heroic N’Zoth tonight!


We’re 12/12H now and are still looking for folks interested in weekly reclears to help everyone acquire their purpley dragon! Come hang out!


I am a recent transfer from Stormrage and I was looking for a weekend raiding guild to possibly join. I’m in the middle of a move atm so my schedule is weird for the next few months, but I’ll be full time again before shadowlands. I also threw in an app on the LFG tool.