[A] <A Night Off> 10/10 M SoD | Multiple Teams

A Night Off is recruiting!

9.2 is here and we are looking for some new friends to come play with us. We have a large multifaction guild encompassing 10 (Ten) Regularly scheduled teams ranging from Cutting Edge to Guild Pick up. We are active daily and every night; in our guild there is ALWAYS someone there to play with.

But we don’t just raid.
• We push high keys
• We have transmog runs
• We PvP (rated and unrated)
• We have in guild sales runs so you can make gold
• We stream
• We mount farm
• We pet battle
• We Cosplay
• We play offline games in Discord
• Regularly scheduled Guild only pickup raids

ANO activity spans every aspect of the game, and we want you to come see what we have to offer.

We are not just a Guild, WE ARE A COMMUNITY

If you don’t succeed in your goals in this guild…its you!!


Just so you don’t think we don’t play Warcraft Seriously check out some of our 10 teams below

Alliance Mythic Raid Teams
Regardless of team needs, exceptional players will always be considered

Team: Say No More
Raid Times & Days: Tue/Thur 9pm to 12am Eastern/Server
Current Progression: Sepulcher 5/11M AOTC | CE Sanctum

Team: Order of the Silver Hand
Raid Times & Days: Tues/Thurs 8:30pm-11:30pm Eastern/Server
Current Progression: Sepulcher 10/11H 11/11N | AOTC Sanctum

Heroic Raid Teams

Team: WFA
Raid Times & Days: Sun/Mon 8:30pm to 11:00 Eastern/Server
Current Progression: Sepulcher 10/11H 10/11N | AOTC Sanctum

Team: Alpha
Raid Times & Days: Fri/Sat 8:30pm to 11:00 Eastern/Server
Current Progression: Sepulcher 10/11H 11/11N | 3/11M AOTC Sanctum

Sylv#1787 (discord)
SpanaticSyndrom#6785 (discord)

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We will be and always will be one of the best communities on Stormrage and Zul’jin

Top guild, top community

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