[A] <A Gathering of the Bads> Recruiting for 25m! Wedseday 6:45-10:00pm ST

What kind of Guild are we?
We are a fun loving bunch of people wanting to raid without the toxicity that comes from being in elitist guilds. Most of us have experience from original Wrath of the Lich King and have much to offer to help those who may need some extra guidance. Our priority is for a fun raid environment where people can feel welcome, relax, clear the raid, and of course get the juicy juicy loot.

What is our loot system?
We us x2 SR > MS > OS, with a priority list for Legendary items decided on by the Officer core.

What are we looking for?
We are lacking Ranged DPS, especially Demo Warlocks and Shadow Priests, but all are welcome to give us a try! We’re usually covered for Tanks, but a Tank OS won’t hurt in case of absences. As the phase goes on we’ll need less healers, but currently we could use a Disc OS with Shadow MS. DPS in all forms are welcome, but we do have an abundance of melee specs (excluding Feral Druid DPS) at the moment.

What if you don’t have gear?
That is the foundation that this guild was originally founded on in 2009, to help the raiders that elitist guilds refuse to take to raids. We have many members who run alt runs each week, as well as our main group isn’t exclusive to those who do have gear. We’re a team, and we’ll work with each other as best as we can to help each other.

Everything else
Main raid night is Wednesday 6:45-10:00pm ST. We vote weekly which day will work best for the weekly continuation night between Saturday or Sunday at the same time. Our eventual goal is to cut down the time we spend PUGing so that we can focus on full clearing in one night.

All in all we are a welcome group of players that have a zero tolerance policy with toxicity. We have a zero tolerance policy on any form of hate speech.
As stated before, we are a team, if you are willing to learn then we have a guild in which you can grow at your own pace. If you’re interested, feel free to send a friend request on

Bnet: Nitehawk#11182 (me)
Remillin#1900 (GM/Raid Lead)


In game: Whiteabyss (me)

Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully we can connect and get our [Ahead of the Curve: Yogg] together.