[A] 7/8M 451 DH Veng/Havoc LF competitive guild

Hello there!

My name is Asmôdeô, and i’m looking for a good, competitive and respectful guild in alliance. I main Havoc in raids but i am always down to play vengeance. I am a very competitive m+ player also. I take constructive criticism very good and i give my ideas to the guild to get better as a whole in difficult situations.

My parses are ok, but there is always room to improve.

I’m looking for a 8/8M guild to finish this tier and to push in the next expansion.

Also i don’t care that much about the hours or the days for raiding. I’ll be there 100%.

My raiding exp is:
Antorus 10/11M
Uldir 8/8M
Battle of Dazar’arlor 9/9M
The Eternal Palace 7/8M

You can contact me here if you have any questions:
Bnet: Asmôdeô#1139
Disc: Asmôdeô#4275