[A-52] [H] 6/10M 226ilvl 1750 io Fire Mage LF guild

Hi, I’m Krymer. My ign is Krymer on Area 52. (and Krymer on Kurinnaxx in classic :^))

I’m 6/10M with my current guild. I’ve done some M+ and gotten to 1750 io. I’m a quick learner, this is my first time playing retail. I just wanna pump and progress. I can’t raid Tuesdays or Sundays, as these are my raid days for Classic. I’m a hardcore classic speedrunner (1h20m Naxx clear). I also can’t raid until 5:30pm PST on M-F because I work full time.

I’m a former challenger league of legends player and I have experience being in a hardcore guild/putting in the work to be at the top.

Best way to contact me is discord: chelmico#8934

Thank you,

Hi Krymer! If your schedule ever changes, then I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!