{a} 5/10 mythic lf 1 dps

We have an immediate opening for one DPS, but will consider any talented, committed player . What are we LF in a Raider ? , Is that you are on time, maintain solid attendance, perform at a high level, and keep trying to improve your play, gear,conduits,sockets for your Main Raid Toon, ETC. Also not looking for all “doom and gloom” . I will pay for the server transfer / faction change if you cannot and you are the “right fit”. This is a 14-year-old guild and raid team that has raided every week for 4.5 years. We currently raid 3 Nights a week as we are pushing for CE. We also have a development raid on Sunday’s night for our very large and active guild. Raid Days and Times: Tues and Wed 5:45-9 Pm Pacific (8:45-Midnight Est) Fridays is at 6 Pm Pacific. We also have been running an “open guild run on Sundays” (alts are welcome too) . I prefer to be contacted in Discord only = Horse#5014 or our Raid Leader Discord = Zeack#4162 or Main Tank Remaked#6347.Warcraft Logs are public . We moved from an AOTC Guild to CE for the first time this year and got CE. Braveheart is on US Silvermoon / Mok’Nathal Now Connected with Borean Tundra, Drak’Thul, Hydraxis, Shadowsong , Skywall , and Terenas . Current Progress is 5/10 Mythic.

Thank you Horse US Mok’Nathal

Feel free to contact me (Braveheart’s Raid Lead) in game or Discord Zeack#4162

Or contact me (Braveheart Raid Lead) in Discord at Zeack#4162