[A] 50 PvP - Com For Alliance 50s Who Did Not Buy Shadow Lands

We’re a casual community of Alliance players that spend A LOT of time doing pvp at 50. Other than that, we also run Mythic Nya every Tuesday at 6:30pm mst, with Mythic Nzoth on Wednesday at 7:30pm mst. We are currently 12/12M-- And on a personal note, I am looking to bring in as many players as possible, provided they are willing and ready to learn mechanics. (NO FREE RIDES :P)

The wonderful thing about playing on a BFA-locked account: the game does not consider us to be twinks, and as such, we get to play in the leveling bracket where ques are usually never more than 10 minutes apart.

To join: look us up in the community finder under 50PVP. If you have questions, you can shoot me message over battle.net. Vailnite#1351

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who’s that smexy healer with the sweet moves and great attitude

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group’s still going great, myth nzoth killed 7 weeks in a row