[A] 473 Destruction Warlock LF Guild!

Hey, hope you all having a good one.

I’m Xhendor, a 473 Destruction Warlock (476 Bag) with 4/12 M and 2.3K IO Score. I’m trying to keep up on my Ny’alotha progress but can’t find a guild or community to do it. I’d like to raid mainly on Tuesday and Thursday from 19:00 to 22:00 EST.

PD: I’ve got two friends, a Feral Druid (4/12M, 476 iLvl) and an Unholy DK (3/12M, 473 iLvl). They’d love to come with me aswell, we all play together and would be the best if it remains that way.

My nickname in Sargeras is Xhendor and my ID is xGottcha#11860.

Hope we can join you before BFA’s gone.

Hey Xhendor! Might have a Mythic raiding spot for all 3 of you, hit me up at Cptwaffles#1248 and let’s discuss.

You can check out our post here.

Hi there! We may have a spot for you as well. AotC+ focused group, pretty casual and always fun.

Check out our post here!

Hey there! Reddit may have a place for you and your friends. The guild is more than just a guild on WoW but a community of people who have been playing together for over a decade.

We currently raid on Tuesdays/Thursdays @ 9pm server time. We are currently 4/12 M in Nyalotha. We also run a normal alt run on Saturday’s, drinking is highly recommended but not a requirement - only requirement is to have fun! We have an assortment of raiders who push keys on a weekly basis and even do some PVP.

Feel free to add me on discord or BNET to chat some more the guild to see if we would be a good fit for you!

BNET: Ness#11725
Discord: Ness#6201