(A) 445 Blood DK and friends LF active AOTC guild

Currently looking to join a new active guild to call home. I also have a a few friends that also would be looking to join 441 BM Hunter, 440 A Rogue, 435 H Priest, and that’s equipped. Myself (tank) and hunter 8/8 H EP and Rogue,Priest 7/8 H EP.

We’re currently looking for an AOTC minded guild, with maybe a flirting with Mythic raid but not being the main focus. Also we’re only available for Sat. night raiding or Sunday afternoon raids. Willing to share our logs and run any trial runs to see how the group fits with us. If we fit well, we would server xfer to join ya!

Please feel free to add me or reply to this post to ask any other questions!