[A] 438 equipped BM hunter LF morning guild


I’m looking for a “forever” home that is active during the morning hours (7am til about noon est).

I’m open to transferring realms but not interested in going horde.

I’m looking for a guild that enjoys pushing keys. I’m not necessarily looking to raid but I may be willing for right group who needs rdps. However, I do not have any interest in mythic raiding.

I’d prefer a guild who has third shift workers. I like to enjoy a beer or five after work and would prefer an environment where it’s not outlandish that someone would be drunk at 9 am.

I’ve been playing WoW for about 13 years now. I know my class pretty well and always come prepared to whatever the content may be.

I don’t like writing these posts so if you have any questions, please add me at Quail#11671 on bnet or Quail#4095 on discord.

Apparently can’t add links, my current raider io is 1335 and ilvl equipped is 438.


Good morning :slight_smile: We are an alliance morning guild on Sargeras that raids 9a-noon eastern. Looks like that might work for you? Here’s our spam!

Constant Insanity is a MORNING raiding guild based on Sargeras Alliance side with a goal of completing mythic content while it’s current. Regarding recruiting, while we have a “wish list” of classes, a good player with a positive attitude is worth more than a specific class. If you are interested, feel free to look us up on discord or add to BNET even if you don’t see your class/spec listed below!

Current EP progression:

Raid days:
Weds 8-11am CST
Thurs 8-11am CST
Fri 8-11a CST

Discord: kalanii#9911 (lowercase)
Bnet: Kalanii#1116