[A] 4/12M warrior LF late night raid/M+ guild

I’m a long time wow player and mythic raider trying to find a guild to make my long time home. I’ve been jumping around most of the xpac and have been unable to find the right guild. Want to get settled with a group of friends to raid mythic in shadowlands

BFA Raiding experience
7/9M BOD
7/8M EP
4/12M NY

I also have light mythic experience from WOD/LEGION, where I did raid leading for a guild I was previously in.

Looking for a late night guild something after 10PM EST any days of the week.

I’m an active player. Logged on often doing keys, arenas and such. Looking for a guild of like minded active players.

Btag: Hethrus#1504
Discord: Hethrus#8254

Hi Hethrus, we def could use another good warrior on our team. SOunds like our days and times work for you… my spiel and info in my post below: