[A] 410 Havoc Demon Hunter LF H/M Guild


8/8 N, 7/8 H progression
2440 io

Hey! I’m looking for a guild around my progression level that’s also interested in grouping for keys during off days. I’ve been playing WoW since 2006, and in that time have mained various roles ranging from things such as Resto Druid, Warlock, and Hunter just to name a few.

I’m always looking to improve, and actively am logging my own raids/dungeons to keep an eye on how I’m performing relative to others. While my raid logs are not very impressive, I typically log 95th percentile for mythic plus keys, as that is the content I’m more suited for currently since I don’t have a static raid team.

I’m also willing to main switch, depending on the guilds needs! Some understanding/help during that process would be appreciated however, considering how difficult it is to get loot from pug raids/dungeons.

Honestly, a big reason why I’m looking for a team is that when it comes to rolls, I am VERY unlucky; I’m the kind of guy who literally gets RLP and AV key rerolls over and over. It’s at a point where I don’t really want to play the game anymore if I have to keep pugging. I’m not that lucky! lol

I’ll check this post regularly, but if you’d like to contact me directly, I’ll leave my info below:

Discord: Mazzurim#1563
Bnet: Captfabulous#1252

Oh and just in case anyone asks, the guild I’m currently in is full of great people. I’m not leaving for any ill reasons, I’m just in here as a casual because I’m friends with someone. Watching them kick butt in Mythic is what inspired me to get back into the swing of things.


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nearly 2500 io now!

Hi! Not sure youre still looking but i and a few friends have recently (this week) started our own guild . We’re putting a team together to quickly reclear heroic and then get into mythic. We left our previous guild with aotc and 2/8m so i expect that once we get started raiding, progression will go quickly until Mythic.

If you’re interested you can put an app in here:

https:// forms.gle/CCGhMB4ySVnFTG696

And our recruitment post here:
<Scarlet> Brand new CE Startup LFM

Alternatively you can message me on Discord: Offworld#1943

Ill add you on Disc too

Just sent you a Btag friend request, and ill post our recruitment spam here, let me know if you’re interested in our group -

Superiority Complex
US - Stormrage - Alliance
Raid Days: Tuesday & Wednesday 8PM - 11PM EST

Progression 2/8M

Who we are

The guild was formed at the beginning of the expansion by its core team, made up of 2700+ mythic+ teams and former CE raiders looking for a casual and fun take on progression raiding. Our aim and goal is to always push as far forward into the content as we can, aiming for AOTCs and then into mythic. The intended goal is to reach CE at each tier, however this is a newer group and with that will come learning.

That being said we’re not hardcore nutbags who scream at our raiders. We expect our players to perform and improve, and spots are competitive in the mythic raiding core - however we know we’re not Limit/Method.

Current Needs


  • Havoc DH
  • Windwalker Monk
  • Holy Paladin
  • Disc Priest

We are open to all DPS classes and specs at the moment as well. Above is just our preferred needs.


Kj - Btag: KrakenJack#1469 | Discord: KrakenJack#2265
Runaways - Discord: TrueEye#8214
Sorf - Discord: Sorfarion#6779
Ttbag - Discord: Tteabag#3120