{A} 4 year raid team in a 13 year old guild M 9/12 LF 1 Committed Ranged DPS(mage , warlock ,hunter) , Offering Paid Realm and or faction too!

LF 1 Dps still with solid attendance

Or feel free to contact me ( Raid Leader ) in Discord at Zeack#4162

Or contact our raid leader at in Discord at Zeack#4162

Feel free to contact me in discord Zeack@4162 (Raid Leader)

available today and tonight to answer questions

Mage, Hunter , DH, Loc etc

still doing interviews

Or feel free to contact me (raid leader) in discord at Zeack#4162

Feel free to message us if you have questions or would like an interview.

okay will do

Vex is next week

Vex went down fast on now onto RA-DEN for 9/12

Interviews available all weekend

Ra-den dropped on the 18th pull last night in first night of pulling this boss . Onward we go . I will consider the right person if you are the “right fit” for our tight knit group.

Might be looking for a tank too to push to CE

Available pretty much all weekend to answer questions too


or me at zeack#4162

Contact them ^ But you get to be healed by me! :smiley:

Check us out on raiderio and warcraftlogs too