{A} 4 year raid team in a 13 year old guild M 9/12 LF 1 Committed Ranged DPS(mage , warlock ,hunter) , Offering Paid Realm and or faction too!

We have an immediate opening for one Ranged DPS (LF Fire Mage, Hunter, Warlock ) , but will consider any talented ,committed player for any position. Currently we just hit 9/12 by dropping Ra-den on the 18th pull last night (our first night on this boss). If your gear or Item level is a bit shy, we still speed clear Heroic every week . We are also looking to develop another raid tank and a healer on Fridays Heroic run . We also run high mythic keys all the time, and can help get a 5 Mask done (470 corrupted reward). What we are LF in a raider is that you are on time, maintain solid attendance, perform at a high level, and keep trying to improve your play, gear, cloak, essences, neck etc. I will pay for the server transfer if you cannot and you are the “right fit” for our guild and raid team. This is a 13-year-old guild and raid team that has raided every week for 4 years. We look to strengthen our group with 1 more solid and committed player for 8.3 and Shadowlands. We currently raid 3 Nights a week in which one night is heroic to develop alts and get a good look at other guild members to see if they can move up into our Core Raid Team. We also have a development raid on Sunday’s for our very large and active guild. Mythic Raid Days and Times: Tues and Wed 5:45-8:45 Pm Pacific (8:45-11:45 Est) Fridays is at 6 Pm Pacific (heroic). I prefer to be contacted in Discord = Horse#5014 , non-preferred option(but still ok) is Battlenet ID Retharla#1685 .Thank you

You may also contact me (raider leader) in Discord at Zeack#4162

12 Year old guild going on 4 straight years of raiding every week !!!

We can help with faction change and realm transfer too.

Looking for Raid Heals (H PAL ,Disc, or Resto Druid )


Please feel to reach out to us if you have any questions.

You may also contact me the raid leader in Discord at Zeack#4162

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H Pal , Druid or Disc

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Discord interviews available all day with me (raid leader) #Zeack#4162

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Discord is best way to get in contact with any of us .

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Healer spot is filled and just have a new opening for a DPS