[A] 4/9H & 9/9N Looking for strong Ranged DPS

(Would prefer 2 Locks, Ele Sham, a Boomy)


bound4glory.shivtr .com



Bound for Glory, a 14 year old Guild on Argent Dawn/The Scryers is recruiting a few folks for our raid team!

We are recruiting:

1-2 strong bangin’ brawlin’ ranged DPS.
We usually Raid with 15-18 people. Looking to get into the solid 20

Chill, laid back, tight knit, drama free Guild.

We have something great brewing here and want a few
more cool people added to the mix!

We want all players comfortable as we
go for AOTC on each raid Tier. If time and interest is there
we will try and knock out some Mythic bosses as well, but no serious
hardcore Mythic Progression.


Thursday - 7:35 - 10:30PM EST
Sunday - 7:35 - 10:30PM EST

90% attendance required, we need the team there to be successful!

Recent History:

Nighthold - 10/10 Heroic AOTC
Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9 Heroic AOTC
Antorus - 11/11 Heroic AOTC
Uldir - 8/8 Heroic AOTC , 1/8M

Each Tier we work on clearing Normal, hone our skills on the bosses,
get some loot, and then start into Heroic. We don’t tend to race, as Tiers last a long time, and ripping them up in a few weeks ends the content quickly.
Also pushing too hard, often burns people out on WoW leading to Guild break
up and negative drama.

Many players in the Guild enjoy Key runs in Mythic+ too. Our goal is to get a 8-10 key each week for every player in the Guild wants one, even if it misses the timer.

Again, Great attitudes and no drama queens please!

Please visit our Website to learn more about us, and fill
out a quick application if you feel we would be a fit for each other.
Add me on Bnet for a chat at well.

bound4glory.shivtr .com

Thank you, Gracewyn/Ark


(& All of us at BfG !

bumping for Ranged.