[A] 368 Ret/Prot Pally ISO raiding guild

Hi there!

Looking for a guild I can call home that has consistent, scheduled raids where I’d be welcome to join. I’d be more than happy to try out, or to be put in a second group with alts if need be. Just want to make some new friends and get a shot to progress through the game; to contribute to the success of the group to the best of my ability.

I played from early classic until MoP and returned about 2 weeks before BFA launch and I’d love nothing more than to make some new friends and raid once again. Since returning it’s been a bit difficult finding a guild that has scheduled raids. All the one’s I’ve been invited to advertise it then once I’m in I find out there’s only maybe 10 active players.

Feel free to reach out to me in game and I’ll be happy to chat.

Take Care!