(A) 325 Warlock LF Guild

Hi, I am a fresh 120 warlock looking for a guild with a casual and famiky friendly atmosphere as well as possible raiding. I have no raid experience, though I have been playing for about 3 years now. I’m usually on pretty much all day from 9-10 EST because of the summer.

About Us - We are looking for players that play both factions. Looking to build a family of players from a wide range of experience whether your new or a veteran player. Our Goals are Dungeon teams for Mythic, normal, and older content. Raiding, PvP from randoms, to teams for rated battle grounds and arenas. Mentoring programs for new players. Our guild has a place for everyone, if you like to only gather materials as your way of contributing we will make sure you don’t miss out on rare raiding achievements or mounts. “We take care of our own” We need players willing to put time and effort into building a strong guild a place they are proud to say is home. leave me a reply if you would like to join.