[A] 249 iLvl Arms Warrior - 10/10H (4th raid week) 5/10M LFG

Hello all,

My availability:

  • Start: 6:00 PM Pacific M-F

  • End: 12:00 AM Pacific M-F

Weekends are open

Any mix of days/times within those times will work! However I would prefer no more than 4 mandatory raid nights per week.

What I’m looking for:

A Cutting Edge Alliance guild that is either at my current progression level, at a minimum, or ahead if you’ll have me.

What you get from me:

I am a purple and orange parsing Warrior main that’s been playing the game since Vanilla.

I have been in end game raiding all steps of the way. The guild I call home has recently gone inactive due to the massive gap in Alliance and Horde regarding raiding and I would like to continue my progress in Mythic SoD.

I would like to stay Alliance and so will be transferring here to Proudmoore as I believe that would be my best shot at getting into a CE Alliance guild that plays on a West Coast server. I have no issue at all trying out or joining a Mythic re-clear since cross realm Mythic is now open.

I spend an immense amount of time learning the most I can about my class and the mechanics of whatever progression fight I am currently on. This includes theory crafting, watching POV Warrior kill videos, constant simming with a premium Raidbots account, and combing through Warcraft Logs of top parsing Warriors. I play Prot and Fury as well, all three specs are geared fairly evenly. Unholy Shard set is rank 5 with Blood set 2/3 to rank 5.

I have very stable internet and near perfect attendance. If I can’t make something you’ll know well in advance. Obviously I have comms and a good mic as well…

A few of my addons:

  • WeakAuras
  • BigWigs
  • ElvUI
  • Details!
  • GTFO
  • RCLootCouncil
  • Method Raid Tools

Currently NF, but have Kyrian and Venth leveled as well.

Please go through my Arms logs, I tried linking them but apparently I can’t yet (need higher forum trust level). Feel free to go through my sparse Fury and Prot logs as well. They aren’t at all what I would consider ‘up to snuff’, but the option is there if wanted, and I will purple or orange parse on them as well if that’s the spec that is needed.

The last couple kills in my Mythic logs look a little low currently only because of few kills. On progression kills I prioritize survive-ability and mechanics above DPS if it is viable/whenever viable. DPS checks are obviously different.

I’m 30 years old, am very down to earth, and just want to get in on some good progression and kills. I keep my cool under the stressful conditions that can often be present in progression focused Mythic raiding and have absolutely no problems sitting myself or sitting out if I’m having an off night or a bad night or anything like that, happens to the best of us every once in a while :slight_smile:

Always flasked
Always fed
Always runed
Always armor kitted
Always potted on CD
Always oiled or stoned :scream:

I have 43 pulls on Mythic Painsmith.


Discord: Tankblade#8771
Btag: Tankblade#11753

Hit me up! :slight_smile: