[A] 218 DK looking for raiding guild (AotC/Mythic Push)

218 iLvl, 10/10H CN DK looking for raiding guild for 9.1 and beyond. Can play unholy or frost. Looking for AotC focused guild, but possibly one also looking at some mythic progression.

My availability is typically weekdays 9:00 PM - 1:00 AM EDT. Contact me in-game (Reece#11312) or discord (Reece#7927).

Who we are: Lifeline is a casual Alliance raiding guild on Stormrage. Those of us in the guild have experienced end game raiding since Vanilla WOW and have prior experience running successful guilds and leading raids. With these feats themselves, we know what it takes to raid and push content with a team. With pushing content in mind, we are actively recruiting to build a 20+ person team to not only tackle normal and heroic modes, but to achieve AOTC and venture into mythic content. We have many members who run high level mythic+ keys as well as low keys and regular mythics. We also run raids on alts and for recruitment, and will be setting up a RBG team for those members who are interested. We work as a guild to help members level and gear so, casuals and levelers are also welcome!

Recruitment: We are looking for anyone who can be an asset to the guild. With that in mind, the primary spots we are looking to fill are havoc demon hunter, ret paladin, ww monk, unholy dk, and boomkin. We will consider any classes/rolls depending on skill level and needs of the guild. We value many things in this guild. We consider the guild to be out second family; the part of the family with raid progression in mind. Although we are a laid back guild, we know when to get serious to get bosses down. When not raiding, we like to have fun. We have many different interests outside of raiding and outside of guild, which allows us to connect and create friendships within the guild.

Our primary raid nights are: Sunday 8pm-11pm est and Monday 8pm-11pm est.

***We are currently running Heroic (8/10)***If you would like more information about the guild or are interested in joining our team and helping us push content, please message an officer in the guild, leave a comment below, or contact us in game!

  • BNet: Myztix#1190 / Myztix#4577 - Discord
  • BNet: Gödlik6969#1664
  • BNet Daemagor#1708 / Daemagor#7629 - Discord

If you’re truly looking for more a more active guild around 9.1 then you should check us out. Honestly, we are kind of taking a semi-break from raiding at the moment but we are still trying to figure out ways to keep active and still play together. If that means messing around in RBGs then so be it!

We’ve even floated the idea of doing a Shadowlands 2 in which we use alts or whatever people want and progress through CN again doing normal first and then heroic just as a way to stay fresh and vibrant and full of life and not at all get burned out before 9.1. Shadowlands 2 would be full of even more memes and even more trolling though.

Here is our totally not stupid and not boring guild ad!

We had to change our guild name from The Immortal Bastion to This Is The Pull because we could no longer advertise as being the best guild on Stormrage with Bastion in the title. Some other hardcore gamers were better than us.

Probably still looking for some pumpers and dumpers (I don’t know what dumpers stands for but I just really wanted to add it because it felt right).

We don’t need heals or tanks but if you offspec in that then that’s cool–we love people that flex their specs (I did it again!).

Contact me on discord because I love making new best friends-- Tiki#8499

What To Expect From the Guild:

Honestly, we work better when people have lower expectations
What’s with all this pressure, man? Get off our backs
Suramar Feasts (don’t you punks buy them all up now–THEY ARE MINE!!!)
We will make fun of you if you make a mistake so I hope you can laugh at yourself
Meme-filled discord
Trolling by Tiki
Auto invite into the sub guild within This Is The Pull called Tiki’s Warriors. This sub guild has been trying to take over leadership of This Is The Pull since it’s inception in order to basically abuse it’s power. Thus far all attempts have been thwarted (tough word to spell btw, took me a bit to get it right).

What We Expect From You:

To not ever EVER buy Suramar Feasts. Those are all for Tiki.
A good attitude during progression
Make fun of people that make mistakes because we all love each other
Apply to be a new best friend for Tiki
Sign up for a subscription to Tiki’s onlyfans page. Content includes a middle aged man jumping rope with his shirt off as well as same man riding a stationary bike while eating a bucket of fried chicken.

If you are interested in this weird, meme, degenerate guild please contact me on discord at Tiki#8499.

Oh and we raid Tues/Wed 8-11pm EST/Server Time.

Who we are:

is a newly formed guild consisting of a group of like-minded friends who have been raiding since vanilla. We are a group of heroic and mythic raiders who still love to play and progress but have less time due to real-life responsibilities. We are focused on efficient clears at a reasonable pace due to our time constraints. Our focus each patch/expansion is AOTC and mythic+ keys, although there is opportunity for mythic raiding (very casually).

All our members are currently AOTC, and well versed in heroic content along with some mythic content – although this IS NOT a requirement. All we ask is that raiders take the time to understand mechanics, ask when there’s uncertainty, and grow when there’s opportunity.

When we raid:


  • 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST


  • 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST

What we are looking for:

We are currently looking to fill out our ranks with raiders with similar goals and mindset.

Recruitment is open for all classes, regardless of spec, play preference, or “meta” – as long as you’re familiar with mechanics and how to play. Experience is not required; however, you must be willing to learn and improve.

If you are unsure if you meet our requirements or have any questions, please reach out! We are more than happy to chat about our goals and how our guild operates, and we’re always willing to help anyone become an exceptional raider!

Socials and casuals are welcome! We often push keys, PvP, and do ALT runs outside of our raid schedule.

Contact Information

Guild Master - ßrewskï

  • Discord: Das Nuk#6458
  • BattleNet: TheNukDaddy#1939

Hi Reece,

Disorientated sounds like a good fit for you. We’re 10/10H and looking to prep for 9.1, while still having fun with the current content. Hit one of the officers up if you’re interested in hearing more about us.

still looking

OMG we are just what you are looking for!!!

Discord Code: https://discord.gg/HyKfSr4QEV

Come join us!!!

Still on the hunt

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