[A] 204 Balance Druid LF CE/M+/PvP

Class/Spec: Balance + Guardian offspec
Faction: Alliance
Cleared: Skipped all of BFA and focused on Classic. I was a CE raider prior whenever I actively played. Have notable titles such as The Immortal.
Btag: ecsped#1809
Discord: Vanderx#7128
Raiderio: https://raider.io/characters/us/kelthuzad/Scrotimusx
Availability: I am willing to raid Sunday-Thurs at 8pm EST or later.
Notes: Currently 204 equipped for Balance/Guardian and have crafted legendaries in both.

Alliance huge +++

Looking for a place to call home, do big keys, and get cool titles at.


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Hey Scrotimusx, we are 5/10 H, and have a great core roster of previous top 100 players. We need a small group of 3-5 players to join. No drama, no toxicity, laid back environment. Flexible on roles we need. Contact me below.

BNET: Br4wn#1859

DISCORD: Brobot#8506

Looking for the perfect fit


[H] 2/10M+AOTC WEEKDAY 6-10PM CST! 8/10H WEEKEND 7-11PM CST! - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

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Hey my dude! Get with me on discord Pox#5275! We are looking for a solid lazerchikin!

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Hey Scrotimus, we’re Magnus on [A] Dalaran, currently 8/10H looking to finish up AOTC after a break from raiding for the holidays, and then get into mythic for CE progression.
Tues/Thurs 830-1130 EST


We are in the market for an exceptional Boomkin druid.

Pillars is a nascent squad of like-minded long time progression raiders. Forged among the early shuffling grind to clear Castle Nathria. Together we embody progression, personal accountability, exceptional preparedness, and the will to succeed in the hunt for CE progression.

We are a CE minded progression raiding team looking for exceptional applicants who are looking to clear content, have fun, and be the very best raiders we can be for the best team we can be. We are accepting of all races / religions / sexual orientations / and genders. The only color of people we see here are purple.

Our Raid Schedule: Tue/Wed/Thur 8-11 pm EST w/ optional Monday clean-up runs.

Currently Recruiting:

Tanks: Accepting exceptional applicants

Melee DPS: Arms Warrior

Ranged DPS: Boomkin Druid, Mage, Warlock

Healers: Holy Paladin, Resto Sham, Disc Priest

There is an old saying that if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room. It is our stance that if you are the best raider in your under-preforming team, that you should speak with us today, so you can be in the right room.

Raid Team Contacts:
GM Festy / Btag- Festy#1136 Discord- Bakuga#1745
Recruiter Shankspec / Btag - Mynucka1788#1532 Discord Shankspec#8004

Style on Sargeras is looking for solid ranged dps as we push further into mythic CN. We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8-11 EST and are currently 2/10 M.

Full spiel below:

Our goal in Shadowlands is to get Cutting Edge at a timely manner within the small raid days and time with no overtime raiding.

Raid Schedule
Tues/Wed 7-10 CST (Server Time) with invites going out 15 mins before raid.
Optional alt raid on Thursday same time.

Previous Raid Progression
Tomb of Sargeras- 8/9M
Antorus the Burning Throne- 10/11M
Uldir- 8/8M
Battle of Dazar’alor- 8/9M

Current Raid Progression
Castle Nathria- 10/10 N, 8/10 H, 2/10M
What we are looking for

  • Melee & Range DPS (No Hunters)
  • DPS with healer offspec
  • Competent DPS applications are always welcome to apply

Our Expectaions
We expect our raiders to be on point with keeping up with their class and specs to be able to play at the maximum level possible
We also expect our raiders to have 90% attendance given our raid days and times
We expect our raiders to be prepared by at least knowing how the boss fights works either by reading or watching a video on the boss to have some understanding
Be able to do mechanics when asked to
Push yourself to be your best
Keep up with current content

Addon Requirements

  • Bigwigs or DBM
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
  • Weakauras
  • RC LootCouncil

If you are interested in applying
https:// forms.gle/KrRJqs7LAbrwRBNaA(there is a space after the //)
Please have logs

If you have any other questions please contact and of our officers on Bnet:
Yaj#11571 (GM/RL)
Renegade#1467 (Officer

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You say balance/guardian, and we’re not necessarily looking for a tank but you never know if one of our tanks have a bit of an emergency or time off for the Holidays (or if next tier there’s a 3-tank fight…) – That said, this is primarily a post about you being balance in our raids (though I think we’d all love more tanks for keys : - D)

We raid tues/thurs, 8-12PM EST. If you need to be like 5 minutes late to make the 8PM cut-off, just let us know and that shouldn’t be an issue.

That said, here’s my recruitment post if you wanna go over and skim my first post. You can find our discord, join, and just observe our chat / talk with a few of us directly to see if you enjoy the environment. Goodluck!