[A] 2/8 M <The Gaming Spot> Recruiting

The Gaming Spot – Lothar/Grizzly Hills is recruiting more people to join our guild/community for Mythic Raiding. Currently 2/8 and raid times are 5:00 – 7:30 PM PST. Looking for healers as well as dps who preferably have mythic raiding experience, but it is not required. We are a fun loving guild that has people on consistently doing different activities together all day whether it be mythic plus or working on alts. We are also a fairly large discord community that sets up events such as Herald of the Titans and have previously worked on activities like Friendship Bird. Consistent attendance is highly valued so please do not commit unless you know you can make most raid nights. For more information please whisper either Kitty#13106, Villzies#1209 or Fuzzy#12290 on battle.net. Alternatively, you can also contact me on discord at Fuzzy#3461 if that is easier.

Are you guys still raiding?