[A] 17/17 Late Night Weekend Progression Raiding

LITERALLY SHAKlNG is a guild whose members are focused on clearing content in a progression environment where we improve our performance each week.

We are all adults who play WOTLK Classic for personal enjoyment and have a (mostly) great sense of humor. There may be times where constructive criticism is given and as adults, understand that the information is coming from a place of mutual respect intended to improve the raid as a whole unit.

We value consistent, reliable, and communicative adults who intend to raid with the team on a long-term basis. We understand that everyone has real life responsibilities outside of game and as long as you’re willing and able to dedicate your time to improve while being respectful of everyone’s time and effort in the process, you are welcome here!


Naxxramas (15/15) 10/08/2022
Obsidian Sanctum (1/1 +3 Drakes) 10/09/2022
Eye of Eternity (1/1) 10/09/2022
Ulduar (13/13N) (9/9H + 1L) 25/10M 26/03/2023


Friday: 9:45pm-12:45am PST (ST)
Saturday: 9:45pm-12:45am PST (ST)

These are progression times, so obviously when things are on farm this is much much less - generally one day. At the same time, we ask that people have almost 100% availability within these time windows to account for progression, or if we need to swap days for a raid for whatever reason.


Loot Council comprised of multiple role leads


Please reference the latest post in the thread!

Please do not hesitate to apply if you class or spec isn’t listed above - we are always looking out for exceptional players!

:scroll: APPLY HERE: https://discord.gg/QNn2Ass2yn


LS go Brrrrrrr

To the top!

Had a good time PTR testing last night! Really looking forward to Ulduar! Still looking for a strong hunter or two, enhancement shaman, and always open to any player of a high caliber!

Still looking for solid gamers!

All clear on normal, looking to start knocking out the HM’s from here - apply within!

As always recruitment is open!

To the top! Still looking for some key slots!

Bumping to the top with a slot or two opening!

Still looking for more

  • Affliction Warlock
  • Unholy/Frost DK
  • Mutilate Rogue
  • Enhancement Shaman