[A] 12/12M Sellswords Team, Eternal Kingdom LF Warlock, Balance Druid

The Sellswords team in the alliance guild Eternal Kingdom (US Proudmoore) is recruiting ranged and exceptional players for the rest of farm into Shadowlands. We raid MWTh 7-10 pacific time.

Warlock; Balance Druid

Exceptional players are encouraged to apply.

About you: You love to raid and have experience with your role in end content and progression. You are drama free, able to take constructive criticism and in control of your emotions. You know what mythic play requires and “yolo” isn’t part of your vocabulary when it comes time to prepare for a new boss.

This raid team clears content in a timely manner and has a lot of fun doing it. If you like mythic plus, love pve raiding, and want to raid in a calm focused but fun raid environment , add me to battletag and lets talk. Battle tag is Hantevirus#1921. More information on the team is at http://www.eternal-kingdom.com/sellswords (Discord is Hantevirus#8346)

Hope to hear from you!

Yep going great

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indeed. its going to be a great tier on the team.

Great team

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This raid is going to rock!

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Getting to tha top

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CE every tier since HFC? and still raiding? HOW awesome !

You can link the website by wrapping it in ` (the tilde key) on each side of the link.

Example: https://www.eternal-kingdom.com/

It’s not clickable still, but, easier to copy/paste for potential apps!

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Thanks for the tip Balto. And thanks for the kudos, Demeanor.

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Chilling casual first night, come join us!

I wrote this last night (ripping off an idea that had been done before)
‘Twas the night before patch day and all through the guild
The raiders were quiet reading fight strats and builds
The feasts and the cauldrons were all duly made
The enchants all ready for the rings and the blades…

And I on my desktop, with cats perched nearby
Had to give our recruitment one last final try
And what to my wondering eyes did appear?
But a disbanding guild with epic raiders so dear

Their parses were orange their mechanics so tight
I knew with no doubt, we could beat all these fights
If only they’d app to my team in a flash,
I’d pay all their transfers with gold or with cash

And apply they all did showing cool charming wit
Not only good raiders but a great culture fit
And so we head into the next tier more gold poor
“Cutting edge — ours again in Dazar’alor”

bonus points for poets

come join us!

Blackberry vanilla


blackberry vanilla is the finest of the flavors

Big yikes.

I know. I’ma dork.