[a] 12/12 M Nya | <BlameRoll> on Proudmoore - NOT RECRUITING CURRENTLY

Ashvane Dead baby Lets go! the squid dies next!

Squidward next :slight_smile: JOIN US

Need that good DPS

Still looking for great players. Any role, pretty much any spec.

Need huge DPS and a stand out healer. A flex dps/healer is awesome too. Where’s the fury warriors, moonkins, fire mages?

bump for reset

Where’s the huge ranged DPS at. And a sick a healer.

Need huge DPS, and an amazing healer.

Lets do it :smiley:

Still looking for more :slight_smile:

2 weeks 2 ashvane kills lets go!

Where’s the Warrior DPS? Looking for strong ranged DPS, and an exceptional healer.

Here I am, bumping this thread because if I don’t do it, who will?

Oh look, it’s me again

:sigh: where are the fury warriors and fire mages?

Still looking for people. Looking for a strong healer as well.

Big DPS, (ranged prefered) but a Fury warrior in high need. A healer (disc or holy preferred).

Still looking for more, CE minded people hit me up.

Come join the fun! We’re always looking for talented players.

Hell yeah brother