9.2.7 Auction House is Temporarily Closed

The amount of people who think Blizzard need to be perfect and can’t ever make mistakes is disturbing.


Thanks for the update.

I don’t think that this is a reasonable response to them attempting to fix a bug they encountered after making a change to an ancient system.


Virtual hugs to the devs working on it.


My 6 wildvine across all of NA cries


Can we have this in the front page note please? Thank you Wow Devs

Would probably be less if Blizzard admitted when they make mistakes.

When ATMs go down, it’s typically mechanical, communication, or literally ran out of money. It’s like the hospitals where I deploy code: you do not deploy code that hasn’t been tested, rergession tested, deploy-simulated, deployed to pilot system, and then – only then – deployed to Production systems. That is, unless you don’t mind mission critical systems dropping due to your failure to adhere to proper coding and QA. We do know that Blizzard is a little lax in the QA department, tho. So no, it’s not a good look, regardless of how you’re spinning it. Now, I’m not relying on Blizz’s AH code for my wellbeing, so it’s an inconvenience to me. But please, don’t spew nonsense like having to shut down freshly deployed production code for an undiscovered bug is a “good look”.


Where have they been anyways

You mean like the code of an auction house failing?

Yea. Exactly.

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I wouldn’t complain if it gave me extra money :smirk:

It’s not a good look when every single patch comes with major, unplanned downtime. If they aren’t testing the final code before that goes live to find these obvious and significant issues, then that’s just sad and embarrassing. This should not be normal for a company that sells a subscription service.

One day I’ll see a WoW Community Council person willing to accept that Blizzard just isn’t up to snuff when yet another obvious and catastrophic failure occurs. But, that day is - again - not today. At the minimum, just don’t defend the insanity.


Nah get that stuff on nightly builds and hope for the best.

If 2 things were being patched in and both didn’t work that’s just a shining example of the skill level you can expect for the next expansion.


Fixing/ Changing a system that has been in game since vanilla is not a simple or small undertaking. It seems to me you don’t truly understand exactly how much code they would of had to go through and pray that commenting was done properly to know exactly what they were looking at. One small error in adding an extra 0 or a . anywhere could cause a crash.

Have you seen me? Like, seriously. I’ve been berating Blizzard like crazy this past month.

However, this is not one of those times. This is an acceptable issue ON A PATCH DAY. If it randomly had this bug pop up next week and they had to take it down, sure.

But this is a patch day. This is when they do a widespread test with thousands and thousands of people.

Get over yourself.


That’s what I was wondering. He’s my favorite forum troll.

I thought it was less a bug and more an exploit that didn’t popup until people started using the AH but that could just be a rumor.

Both, sort of. From what we can tell from the Bug Report forum, the new AH didn’t immediately un-list your items from the AH when you cancelled them.

So if you cancelled them, someone could still “buy” them - even though they’d already been mailed to your box. So after retrieving them, you’d also get the gold sent an hour later.

This isn’t something that would really be tested by Blizzard internally. This is the exact type of situation where player testing is pretty much needed.

And live testing, because no one actively “plays the AH” on PTRs.


Have you ever been a software developer for a large-scale gaming company with cumulative content? I know this is a huge bug. It is also a huge change to a system.


I don’t know why people regularly point to the 7.3.5 changes that barely borked servers besides having trolls drop loot they weren’t meant anymore.

Meanwhile for 8.3 (recent AH change), people went days without AH payouts. Plus oddly behaving auctions.

The AH is like the mythological hydra of spaghetti code.