9.2.5 flurry bug

Is it me or is frost mage getting way less flurry procs since 9.2.5? Is it a stealth nerf? I get like one flurry proc every 10 frost bolts now consistently. Anyone else having this problem.

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In all honesty, I’ve been having this problem almost all of SL. I will easily go 8-12 casts without a single flurry proc. It’s been quite the annoyance.


It’s probably just a wash of bad luck. I had a scenario during raid tonight where I proc’d Flurry like 8 times in a row.

I hope it isn’t just bad luck :frowning: I was having some decent flurry procs in 9.2, but then something changed. it could very well be bad luck though or a bug

Blizzard saw that Frost wasn’t the bottom spec for 9.2.5 so they stealth-nerfed it.

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