9.2 = A Sylvanas Dream Come True

Because sometimes they come off as trying to get too close to people. Like luring someone in with affection and sweetness. Maybe perhaps that might be because Micah’s a furry.

Micah is a switch. He was a Draino last week,

Furry first most…which explains…well my sometimes bi butt being confused :smiley:

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On that note, Worgen should have tails.

If you are a furry I am a furry too, my main RP toon is a Vulpera.


ANYWAY. Night guys. I really appreciate you guys sticking up for me. I don’t have many friends and it means a lot that you guys haven’t abandoned me


The person who made this thread got a thousand-year forum ban, because they bumped threads a little bit too much.

Guess what Blizzard still allows on their forums, though.

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Reminds me of the one time I suggested that and one of the more toxic worgen posters who used to come here a lot, made some….interesting accusations about me because I RP on Moonguard

AND YES TO TAILS! My worgen needs a cute tail!


Gonna be honest here. Micah didn’t lure me in.

I lured Micah in.

I cannot remember what year it was, but it was post-Teldrassil/pre-Shadowlands. I want to say it was early BfA, but don’t quote me. Anyway, I had just returned from one of my all-too-frequent disappearing acts and saw some arguments I wanted to get involved in. One was one of the many “who wore it worse” threads, comparing the negative experience of being a Horde player and being an Alliance player. And I knew where I fell into that fight.

“Guys. We both had it freaking worse. But can we at least not pretend being forced to be a war criminal was fun? Or watching a tree burn?”

What followed was a bunch of people on both sides telling me how I was wrong.

One person though came in and was like, “yeah, I can see that. :wolf:

And thus my pursuit began.


There are so many things wrong with this post. You’re showing bias against furries. How exactly can Micâh “lure people in” on a forum like this?

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Well, off to cry myself to sleep now and feel like crap for the next few days, as if I’m not already beat down and mentally drained


It’s the use of emoji for me I was like “Ohh cute doggie!” I’m a sucker for cute doggos. The alternative was a jerk with a pancake. The guy with the pancake hated Night elves and that was just a no for me.

I do have a bias against furries.

I should start using it more. It was kind of my thing during BfA/early SL


I’m sorry, Micâh. I’m sure this hurts a lot.

I can’t believe you’re acting like this. You’ve gotten the Story Forum to turn against you.

Pancake troll!!!

IDK, I got along well with him.

… And NO REN!! Not just because I saw pancakes and wanted IHOP!! GAWD!!!

… They were delicious btw.

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It’s painful beyond words doness. I just….hope you don’t believe any of it. You know me, we talked privately. You know I’m affectionate regardless of gender. I mean I call you and Baal hun all the time. Does that make me a predator towards men now too?

I just don’t get the hatred she has for me

It seems like you are the only one who sees them this way. I have had my disagreements with Micah in the past but I never seen them this way


I had a weird friendship with pancake troll. We got along MOST of the time. We usually only fought when his horde bias got a little too extreme

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No, you’re not a predator. Also, I’m 99% sure Evelysaa is a guy. He mentioned once having a girlfriend who said he had “bde,”" which is something you only say to guys.